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Talkshow Boy!

6/18/06 03:22 pm - lobsterbelle - Talkshow Boy!

NAME: Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal <3S Me) + Ukranian Shores
ARTIST: Talkshow Boy
REASON: His real name is Adrian K-Sahara. How cool would that be? Nah, he's awesome because he shows the mean, sarcastic, and ironic streak that is posessed by all Australians. Or at least by your friendly neighbourhood mods. He's real artistic too, man.
MORE?: If you want more, go to his online discography

Thanks to mezziekins for giving me his URL, and to dry_your_eyes for teaching me about real life Ukranian shores.

Please check out Talkshow Boy's website. All his songs are free, funny, and look good in your iTunes library.
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