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A Jounral of a Journey of Discovery in Journal form of Journey

discover australian artists
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This is a community for showing the world that Australian music can kick ass with the best of them.

We will attempt to demonstrate how absolutely awesome Australian bands are. Post your favourite tracks or albums, be they unerground indie or well-recognised pop. We don't care if YOU'RE Aussie, as long as what you're posting is. Here are some file sharing sites to get you started.

Otherwise: Scroll, click, discover.

No requests! Try ozmusic.

No discussion! Try australianmusic.

NAME: [ the name of track or album ]
ARTIST: [ the name of the band ]
REASON: [ why you think they represent A++ oz music]
MORE?: [ if you will upload more later / on request, say so here ]

- Off-topic posts.
- Community promotion (email for affiliation.)
- Complete album postings.
- Non-Australian artists.
- Request posts.
- Posts with no uploaded music.
- Flaming, bitching out artists or trollery.

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"Australians have a funny attitude towards success; they think that it makes you some sort of worse person, as opposed to most Americans who think it makes you better. Honestly, people come up to me in a pub and say ‘I suppose you’re a dickhead now?’."
- Colin Hay (Men at Work)

"Driving from Perth, through the desert, I really began to wonder about man, about technology. It’s a bit of a con, really, the idea that man has progressed, that he’s powerful. Because when you’re out there, you begin to realise how small man is compared to the air and the earth. The desert laughs at you, at us."

"It was the first time in my life that I had seen trees so old and burnt by the sun that they had turned white and almost to stone. It was weird… like the ghosts of an ancient civilisation."
- Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)

It should be noted that no disrespect or horrible money stealing is intended by file-sharing. This is a community intended to promote Australian artists to an overseas audience (thus increasing sales) NOT a request community. The mods would be obliged if no complete albums were posted.