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A Jounral of a Journey of Discovery in Journal form of Journey

6/30/07 11:59 pm - daisakura

I went to see The Red Paintings last night with my friends! They were brilliantly awesome, and so was their support act Battle Circus. Here are a few tracks from each band. I know I'm deviating from the suggested format. Errr because it looks like too much effort? And there's already a good Red Paintings run-down posted earlier ^_^

Your Tears Are The Warning Sign

Tracks from their 2005 album:

Dead Children


They play Bittersweet Symphony at the start of this track. I'm still tryign to decide whether it's the sole reason I like this one or if I like the actual song too.

Cinema Love

The Revolution Is Never Coming

I bought the new EP too if anybody wants any songs just ask!


Battle Circus hail from New Zealand... but we Aussies like to claim anything good that comes out of that country so I think they qualify for the community!

I'd give a rundown on the music but I don't think I've listened to it enough to give you something worth while. I just know I like it! Instruments include guitar, mandolin, piano, bass and drums.


Coup De Silence



And rather randomly another track I found on the Triple J's Hottest 100 Videos DVD by Goyte. I loved the video clip and the song sounds great too. I think I have to find more music from this guy! Does anybody know Goyte and recommend any tracks? or albums to buy?

Hearts A Mess

11/22/06 01:55 pm - lobsterbelle

NAME: The Others
ARTIST: Dukes of Windsor
REASON: It's like John Lydon had babies with Stars. Come on. You want those babies. You want them bad.
MORE?: None, I am afraid. I think I shall have to find the album.

11/22/06 01:36 pm - lobsterbelle

Hey all.
NAME: Waterfall (Cover of the Stone Roses)
ARTIST: Red Riders
REASON: I'm a real fan of the Red Riders. They can slide in next to me any day. Oh my, what a horrible joke. But they are a very worthy band for investigation. They write songs that are both inventive and easy to listen to, which is a very rare combination.
MORE?: I have some more songs by this band. They also sent me a red sticker. Ooh.

This was on JJJ's Like a Version programme this morning. I recorded it off a bad sound system with my camera, but I honestly think it sounds okay. I've heard far worse cover recordings in my time, so don't hesitate about downloading. Oh, and the wierd feedback noise isn't my fault. It was broadcast. It's the Red Rider's fault. IT'S FOR ARTISTIC EFFECT, DAMMNIT. DAMMMMNIT!

NB: No, this isn't Mel's Red Paintings. Or Red Hot Chili Peppers or Red House Painters or The Red Ponies. Gosh.


10/4/06 01:19 pm - bentley - The Red Paintings - Walls.


NAME: I'm uploading the "Walls" EP, minus the "Walls" remix and the bonus track, "Signals from the Frontier".

ARTIST: The Red Paintings.

REASON: Four out of five band members dress like geisha dolls. Their lead singer is called Trash McSweeny, who has a voice like Maynard James Keenan and Brian Moloko had children. They have an obsession with Japanese culture, science-fiction and anarchy, evident in their performances, lyrics and album art. They held robot parades all around Australia. One of the band members plays the electric violin. They're clever, pretentious, indie and magnificent. What more could you want out of a band?

MORE?: Everything else I have is available on their official website. You should also join red_paintings for notification on when they're touring and stuff.

The Streets Fell Into My Window.*
Dead Adults.
Mad World.**
Portrait of a Dead Soul.

* If you download just one track, make it this. Opening and closing with quotes from Alice In Wonderland, this song is the reason I bought the album.

** This cover is so amazing.

Please, buy their other CDs. You can order them off the website, or JBHiFi sometimes has the newer ones. Request them on your local radio station. Go spend ten dollars to see them if their playing near you. These guys need support, and I'd love to see such an experimental band become a real worldwide cult hit.

Coming Up Next: Faker! ♥

9/27/06 11:00 am - bentley - LOA - longing was a safe place to hide

On the 22nd of June I said, and I quote, "I'll continue to upload other excellent tracks over time!"

This was a lie.

To apologise to you, my favourite members of my favourite community (I am a compulsive liar) I have uploaded a few tracks by Love Outside Andromeda, my FAVOURITE Australian band (except for Faker and The Red Paintings and The Grates and The Church and saint_claws' voice posts.)

This month they released a new album, called longing was a safe place to hide which is much softer than their eponymous debut album. I'd upload all of it for you, but that'd be breaking my own rules. Instead, have the first six tracks.

NAME: All on Sendspace, tracks 1 - 6.
Bound by Hurt Dissolved (the single - if you only dl one, make it this.)
A Room Full Of People
Keep Looking at the Sky

ARTIST: Love Outside Andromeda.

REASON: These guys... I have seen them live three times (and will again on 06/10?) and each time I am blown away by their sound. They could roughly be described as chick rock, despite the fact that lead singer Sienna Lee is the only girl in the band. However their tracks range from angry to sad to loving and back again. They cover relationships of all kinds, self-exploration and understanding. The songs are all intensely personal, sometimes obscure, often hardcore and always beautiful. I love cello with heavy guitars, and Sienna has a voice like Bjork or Tori or Peej. Seriously, try some - this album is softer and in-love, while L.O.A. as more independent and harcore.

MORE?: I'll do requests; I have everything off L.O.A. and Not Burnt Yet. Check out their website for track lists, lyrics and downloads. Also, make my day and join their last.fm group. Or love_andromeda. Or their myspace. I swear I don't stalk them, not really.

Props to daisakura, who gave me the album for my 19th. (signed~!)

Coming Up Next: The Red Paintings. ♥!

7/30/06 02:39 pm - lobsterbelle - 5,6,7,8 I like the taste of tasty cakes.

NAME: Heavy Heart
ARTIST: You am I
REASON: A massivly depressing song, but nicely sung to ease the horrible, horrible pain.
MORE?: If you so desire.

NAME: London Bombs
ARTIST: Eskimo Joe
REASON: Eskimo Joe are fairly underrated, which I think is sad. They're intelligent, make great film clips (when left to their own devices), and are generally nice people. They also got terribly drunk at the ARIAs. That desreves recognition in itself.
MORE?: Sure.

NAME: Come on Spring
ARTIST: Antenna
REASON: Antenna seem to be quite forgotten, when they should be classics. This album lay around my house for years and years gathering dust. I regret the loss!
MORE?: Yepp.

Apologies to my flist members who may own these already.

7/7/06 03:24 pm - lobsterbelle - last.fm group!


Please join if you have a last.fm profile. We need at least three members, or the group will be killed. But fifteen is the ultimate goal so we can have weekly updated charts!

If you don't join, I'll cry. Like a baby.

7/1/06 04:08 pm - lobsterbelle - New Layout!

I've made a new layout for this community. Feel free to observe: overhear.

If there are any errors in the coding, please tell me and feel free to suggest alternatives.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a list of file sharing websites:

The generally accepted default file sharing service. The layout is clear and easy to understand, but it can become confusing as only one file at a time will trigger an automatic download link. Another problem is the short amount of time and limited downloads available for files uploaded by free users.

Rapidshare has a very confusing download process, with several codes and links to be clicked and entered, and mirror sites are often necessary for defferal. However, it provides unlimited downloads and uploads, which is amazingly useful.

Megaupload has a somewhat confusing layout, and the actual file can be difficult to locate without picking through commericals and large pop-ups. But it has good download limitations. So long as a file is downloaded once every thirty days, it will remain undeleted.

A very neat layout with no obtrusive commericals or difficult procedures to aquire the file. The download limitations appear quite generous. The main problem is the limitation of one download per IP address at a time.

I'm sure there are many more, but these are the services I've come accross. Feel free to reccomend more.

If you want to share a song that someone else has already uploaded onto their website, you are free to do this. The advantage of this option is allowing for the link to remain active for a longer time period than those from file sharing services. However, please provide a link back to the main content of the webpage as acknowledgement of the file's owner.

Finally, is anyone interested in joining an overhear last.fm group? I think it could be an interesting way to compare music tastes and also hold random discussions.

6/22/06 03:20 pm - bentley

Hullo, my pretties! This community is already starting to be awesome. It's run by Zoe and I, and eventually I will do the UserInfo and possibly she will do some rocking pomo graphics to throw around or something. But whatever the case, be assured that there will be lots of Australian music!

Anyway, this is a post for making suggestions, any minor requests, asking for affiliation and generally all that stuff that doesn't involve music! We'd like this community to be fun, active and helpful - and by "we" I mean "I" since as I don't share a body with Zoe I haven't exactly talked to her about this. For al I know she wants this community to be evil and filled with dead bodies. Who knows!

Just because you're special for getting into the community this early, I present a single track:

NAME: 19 20 20
ARTIST: The Grates.
REASON: From Brisbane, the Grates recently released their new album "gravity won't get you high" and became fairly popular on local alternative music stations with this song. They've been touring overseas and around Australia, and their music is funky, catchy and eclectic. They're as odd as the Dresden Dolls but with a lot more spark and verve. I'm completely in love with this band.
MORE?: I have the rest of the album and I'll continue to upload other excellent tracks over time!

6/22/06 02:58 pm - mezziekins

I messed the headings all around. Don't shoot me, please!
ARTIST: If you have been listening to Triple J in the last little while, you will probably have heard of Gotye as he was featured for a while and has now been nominated for the J Award. He is pretty A++. Therefore:
NAME: I have uploaded two.
Gotye - Out Here In The Cold (off his previous album, Boardface)
Gotye - A Distinctive Sound (on his current album, Like Drawing Blood)
MORE?: You can actually download the entire album and more here:
From here, you can download any of the various albums (including Like Drawing Blood) in .wma format with limited licenses so you can listen to them three times for free. If you like them, you can then buy them for a dollar a track. It's pretty awesome.
You can also listen to more tracks on his myspace page and download a couple more off his home page.

All of his tracks are quite different so if you don't like one of them it's still quite possible that you will like others. REASON: He is pretty awesome.

6/18/06 03:22 pm - lobsterbelle - Talkshow Boy!

NAME: Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal <3S Me) + Ukranian Shores
ARTIST: Talkshow Boy
REASON: His real name is Adrian K-Sahara. How cool would that be? Nah, he's awesome because he shows the mean, sarcastic, and ironic streak that is posessed by all Australians. Or at least by your friendly neighbourhood mods. He's real artistic too, man.
MORE?: If you want more, go to his online discography

Thanks to mezziekins for giving me his URL, and to dry_your_eyes for teaching me about real life Ukranian shores.

Please check out Talkshow Boy's website. All his songs are free, funny, and look good in your iTunes library.

6/17/06 09:46 pm - i_like_soap - Walk Into the Jaws of Hell.

Let's kick this off.

NAME: Armies Against Me
ARTIST: Epicure
REASON: I have been absolutely addicted to this song for some reason. It Aussie, it’s rock, it’s great!
MORE?: If anyone wants more, I’ll happily upload more Epicure.

NAME: Evolution
ARTIST: Crash Palace
REASON: I liked this song a couple of years ago, again good Aussie rock.
MORE?: I don’t have more!

NAME: Buses & Trains
ARTIST: Bachelor Girl
REASON: I wanted something more poppy, but that just leaves Delta and Kylie. Besides, it’s a decent catchy song.
MORE?: Again, I have no more.

NAME: Chemical Heart & Lost Control
ARTIST: Grinspoon
REASON: Two fabulous Aussie rock songs.
MORE?: Don’t got none.

And now, all that’s left is about a billion other brilliant Aussie acts, including but not limited to Love Outside Andromeda, Ben Lee, Wolfmother, Eskimo Joe, Silverchair and Shannon Noll. Not too mention all the old school stuff (AC/DC, Hunters & Collectors, INXS, Diesel, Barnesy etc).Okay, I’m joking about Shannon Noll. And question- are Crowded House Aussie? And it’s a pity Evermore are Kiwi’s.
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