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Hullo, my pretties! This community is already starting to be awesome.…

6/22/06 03:20 pm - bentley

Hullo, my pretties! This community is already starting to be awesome. It's run by Zoe and I, and eventually I will do the UserInfo and possibly she will do some rocking pomo graphics to throw around or something. But whatever the case, be assured that there will be lots of Australian music!

Anyway, this is a post for making suggestions, any minor requests, asking for affiliation and generally all that stuff that doesn't involve music! We'd like this community to be fun, active and helpful - and by "we" I mean "I" since as I don't share a body with Zoe I haven't exactly talked to her about this. For al I know she wants this community to be evil and filled with dead bodies. Who knows!

Just because you're special for getting into the community this early, I present a single track:

NAME: 19 20 20
ARTIST: The Grates.
REASON: From Brisbane, the Grates recently released their new album "gravity won't get you high" and became fairly popular on local alternative music stations with this song. They've been touring overseas and around Australia, and their music is funky, catchy and eclectic. They're as odd as the Dresden Dolls but with a lot more spark and verve. I'm completely in love with this band.
MORE?: I have the rest of the album and I'll continue to upload other excellent tracks over time!
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