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New Layout!

7/1/06 04:08 pm - lobsterbelle - New Layout!

I've made a new layout for this community. Feel free to observe: overhear.

If there are any errors in the coding, please tell me and feel free to suggest alternatives.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a list of file sharing websites:

The generally accepted default file sharing service. The layout is clear and easy to understand, but it can become confusing as only one file at a time will trigger an automatic download link. Another problem is the short amount of time and limited downloads available for files uploaded by free users.

Rapidshare has a very confusing download process, with several codes and links to be clicked and entered, and mirror sites are often necessary for defferal. However, it provides unlimited downloads and uploads, which is amazingly useful.

Megaupload has a somewhat confusing layout, and the actual file can be difficult to locate without picking through commericals and large pop-ups. But it has good download limitations. So long as a file is downloaded once every thirty days, it will remain undeleted.

A very neat layout with no obtrusive commericals or difficult procedures to aquire the file. The download limitations appear quite generous. The main problem is the limitation of one download per IP address at a time.

I'm sure there are many more, but these are the services I've come accross. Feel free to reccomend more.

If you want to share a song that someone else has already uploaded onto their website, you are free to do this. The advantage of this option is allowing for the link to remain active for a longer time period than those from file sharing services. However, please provide a link back to the main content of the webpage as acknowledgement of the file's owner.

Finally, is anyone interested in joining an overhear last.fm group? I think it could be an interesting way to compare music tastes and also hold random discussions.
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