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5,6,7,8 I like the taste of tasty cakes.

7/30/06 02:39 pm - lobsterbelle - 5,6,7,8 I like the taste of tasty cakes.

NAME: Heavy Heart
ARTIST: You am I
REASON: A massivly depressing song, but nicely sung to ease the horrible, horrible pain.
MORE?: If you so desire.

NAME: London Bombs
ARTIST: Eskimo Joe
REASON: Eskimo Joe are fairly underrated, which I think is sad. They're intelligent, make great film clips (when left to their own devices), and are generally nice people. They also got terribly drunk at the ARIAs. That desreves recognition in itself.
MORE?: Sure.

NAME: Come on Spring
ARTIST: Antenna
REASON: Antenna seem to be quite forgotten, when they should be classics. This album lay around my house for years and years gathering dust. I regret the loss!
MORE?: Yepp.

Apologies to my flist members who may own these already.
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