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LOA - longing was a safe place to hide

9/27/06 11:00 am - bentley - LOA - longing was a safe place to hide

On the 22nd of June I said, and I quote, "I'll continue to upload other excellent tracks over time!"

This was a lie.

To apologise to you, my favourite members of my favourite community (I am a compulsive liar) I have uploaded a few tracks by Love Outside Andromeda, my FAVOURITE Australian band (except for Faker and The Red Paintings and The Grates and The Church and saint_claws' voice posts.)

This month they released a new album, called longing was a safe place to hide which is much softer than their eponymous debut album. I'd upload all of it for you, but that'd be breaking my own rules. Instead, have the first six tracks.

NAME: All on Sendspace, tracks 1 - 6.
Bound by Hurt Dissolved (the single - if you only dl one, make it this.)
A Room Full Of People
Keep Looking at the Sky

ARTIST: Love Outside Andromeda.

REASON: These guys... I have seen them live three times (and will again on 06/10?) and each time I am blown away by their sound. They could roughly be described as chick rock, despite the fact that lead singer Sienna Lee is the only girl in the band. However their tracks range from angry to sad to loving and back again. They cover relationships of all kinds, self-exploration and understanding. The songs are all intensely personal, sometimes obscure, often hardcore and always beautiful. I love cello with heavy guitars, and Sienna has a voice like Bjork or Tori or Peej. Seriously, try some - this album is softer and in-love, while L.O.A. as more independent and harcore.

MORE?: I'll do requests; I have everything off L.O.A. and Not Burnt Yet. Check out their website for track lists, lyrics and downloads. Also, make my day and join their last.fm group. Or love_andromeda. Or their myspace. I swear I don't stalk them, not really.

Props to daisakura, who gave me the album for my 19th. (signed~!)

Coming Up Next: The Red Paintings. ♥!
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