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The Red Paintings - Walls.

10/4/06 01:19 pm - bentley - The Red Paintings - Walls.


NAME: I'm uploading the "Walls" EP, minus the "Walls" remix and the bonus track, "Signals from the Frontier".

ARTIST: The Red Paintings.

REASON: Four out of five band members dress like geisha dolls. Their lead singer is called Trash McSweeny, who has a voice like Maynard James Keenan and Brian Moloko had children. They have an obsession with Japanese culture, science-fiction and anarchy, evident in their performances, lyrics and album art. They held robot parades all around Australia. One of the band members plays the electric violin. They're clever, pretentious, indie and magnificent. What more could you want out of a band?

MORE?: Everything else I have is available on their official website. You should also join red_paintings for notification on when they're touring and stuff.

The Streets Fell Into My Window.*
Dead Adults.
Mad World.**
Portrait of a Dead Soul.

* If you download just one track, make it this. Opening and closing with quotes from Alice In Wonderland, this song is the reason I bought the album.

** This cover is so amazing.

Please, buy their other CDs. You can order them off the website, or JBHiFi sometimes has the newer ones. Request them on your local radio station. Go spend ten dollars to see them if their playing near you. These guys need support, and I'd love to see such an experimental band become a real worldwide cult hit.

Coming Up Next: Faker! ♥
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