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Walk Into the Jaws of Hell.

6/17/06 09:46 pm - i_like_soap - Walk Into the Jaws of Hell.

Let's kick this off.

NAME: Armies Against Me
ARTIST: Epicure
REASON: I have been absolutely addicted to this song for some reason. It Aussie, it’s rock, it’s great!
MORE?: If anyone wants more, I’ll happily upload more Epicure.

NAME: Evolution
ARTIST: Crash Palace
REASON: I liked this song a couple of years ago, again good Aussie rock.
MORE?: I don’t have more!

NAME: Buses & Trains
ARTIST: Bachelor Girl
REASON: I wanted something more poppy, but that just leaves Delta and Kylie. Besides, it’s a decent catchy song.
MORE?: Again, I have no more.

NAME: Chemical Heart & Lost Control
ARTIST: Grinspoon
REASON: Two fabulous Aussie rock songs.
MORE?: Don’t got none.

And now, all that’s left is about a billion other brilliant Aussie acts, including but not limited to Love Outside Andromeda, Ben Lee, Wolfmother, Eskimo Joe, Silverchair and Shannon Noll. Not too mention all the old school stuff (AC/DC, Hunters & Collectors, INXS, Diesel, Barnesy etc).Okay, I’m joking about Shannon Noll. And question- are Crowded House Aussie? And it’s a pity Evermore are Kiwi’s.
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