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I went to see The Red Paintings last night with my friends! They…

6/30/07 11:59 pm - daisakura

I went to see The Red Paintings last night with my friends! They were brilliantly awesome, and so was their support act Battle Circus. Here are a few tracks from each band. I know I'm deviating from the suggested format. Errr because it looks like too much effort? And there's already a good Red Paintings run-down posted earlier ^_^

Your Tears Are The Warning Sign

Tracks from their 2005 album:

Dead Children


They play Bittersweet Symphony at the start of this track. I'm still tryign to decide whether it's the sole reason I like this one or if I like the actual song too.

Cinema Love

The Revolution Is Never Coming

I bought the new EP too if anybody wants any songs just ask!


Battle Circus hail from New Zealand... but we Aussies like to claim anything good that comes out of that country so I think they qualify for the community!

I'd give a rundown on the music but I don't think I've listened to it enough to give you something worth while. I just know I like it! Instruments include guitar, mandolin, piano, bass and drums.


Coup De Silence



And rather randomly another track I found on the Triple J's Hottest 100 Videos DVD by Goyte. I loved the video clip and the song sounds great too. I think I have to find more music from this guy! Does anybody know Goyte and recommend any tracks? or albums to buy?

Hearts A Mess
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